You get into your kayak, and paddle straight to the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. Or you cross the IJ, into the polders of Waterland.

And if you're up for more of a challenge: through the locks onto the Markermeer, to Pampus. Or to sea.

Whether an evening away from it all, a day trip, a weekend get-away: you can do it with KVZ!

Join our club!


  • Courses and workshops: basic paddling skills, open water, safety and rescue techniques, tour leading.
  • Tours: every Tuesday and Wednesday evening and Saturday morning throughout the year, and plenty of shorter and longer day trips in weekends; also out of town, to other parts in The Netherlands!
  • Fun: we enjoy being on the water, and we like sharing the fun.
  • Equipment: we have a variety of club boats and paddles, and PFDs, so you can start out with just some comfy clothing.

English spoken

Don't worry if you don't speak Dutch (yet).

  • We have clinics in English as well.
  • In courses and workshops, members will be at hand to translate.
  • Tour leaders can do briefings and instructions in English too.
  • Announcements are usually bilingual, and getting in touch in English is no problem.

It is also a great opportunity to practice your Dutch skills!

Like to get to know us?

Fancy a clinic, a course, or an open day? Subscribe, and we will drop you an email when another one is up!

Want to rent kayaks?

Sorry, we don't rent out our kayaks... You're welcome to join our club, though!

Or have a look at places where you can rent kayaks to paddle in or near Amsterdam.

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We're adding more information in English.

On some pages in Dutch you may find summary information in English, styled like this: a light blue box with a red title.

You can also try browsing our website through Google Translate 🙂


Our club house is at Veemarkt 76a, 1019 DD Amsterdam, behind the commercial buildings, along the canal Nieuwe Vaart. See how to get to us..

Coming activities

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  • Red: courses and workshops
  • Green: youth
  • Gold: club and events

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