Courses and workshops

We are a club where you can learn new skills. Whether you want to try something new or want to learn the intricacies of the technique, there is almost always someone at the club who can help! We run tours 3 times a week and during the winter we also practice in the pool.

You can also learn how to plan and lead trips, and learn how to kayak at sea.

Learn how to kayak

First try?

If you're interested in kayaking but still not sure whether it is the sport for you, you can join one of the introductory clinics that we organise a few times a year on Saturday. In a few hours we tell you about the many facets of the sport and the club. We paddle a short distance so you can experience Amsterdam from the water.

The subscription form can be found here.

Introductory Course

If you decide to become a member you can participate in an introductory course of five nights. This is taught by certified instructors and it gives you the knowledge and experience to participate in our tours safely.

Want more?

Then you can learn at your own pace in the direction chosen by you (flat water, high water, speeding, tour guidance, instruction etc.) and further develop your knowledge and skills through advanced courses, workshops and practice. A few times a year we host examinations to obtain one of the certificates recognised by the Dutch Yachting Association.

You can see the course calendar here. All courses and workshops will be announced separately. For more information about the curriculum used by us, please contact our training team on a tour or by

Course Calendar