Kayak rental?

We do not rent out kayaks or canoes. For kayak rentals, tours, and all kayak associations in Amsterdam, have a look at

Kayak and canoe clubs welcome

Is your kayak or canoe club interested in paddling through Amsterdam? We offer our club as a starting point. In about 20 minutes, you’re in Amsterdam’s historical city center.

We’re also open to do joint tours, and we’re happy to share our knowledge of, and experiences with paddling in Amsterdam, with other paddlers and clubs.

Email us via and we can explore possibilities!

Do mind the parking regulations and environmental resrtictions, see (in Dutch) our routebeschrijving or get in touch.

If you’re interested, or an external contact

General information

Are you interested in our club?

  • You can register for our email newsletter or courses.
  • Come by on a Saturday morning, between approximately 12:30 and 13:30 there are usually members at the club to meet and answer some questions.

Or send us an email:

Corona coordinator

As a club, we follow the guidelines of the authorities, our Watersports Union, and the City of Amsterdam.

If you would like to contact us about corona-related affairs, get in touch with Romana Abels, chair and corona coordinator. Email

For club members

Mutual contact via the KVZ Community

Join our online KVZ Community. Invite yourself via this button:


Board and teams

Each club member helps shape the club. We have organised our club activities into teams. The team coordinators together form the board.


We aim to let everyone enjoy kayaking and canoeing in safety. Maybe something happens that makes you feel unsafe, does not respect your boundarties, or violates club rules and regulations. And maybe you don't feel comfortable raising the issue with the trainer or the board.

In that case, you can contact our club counsellors/confident: club members who can listen to your experience in confidence, and who can help find a resolution. And if needed, make the board take action.

Ton Mulder

Natrional counselling/confidence point for sport

If you prefer to speak to someone outside the club, you can do that via our national sports union: landelijk vertrouwenspunt sport.


You can reach them via phone, email, or online chat.

More information about the Dutch Olympics Committee/Dutch Federation of Sports about sports and integrity (in Dutch):

More about boundary transgressive behaviour (again in Dutch):

You can also consult (in Dutch) our page with our Statutes/Articles of Association and our Rules of Procedure.